Tinyscissors tattoo parlor

Tattoos, Installation,  2019-ongoing
Exhibited at Detroit Art Week: Young Curators New Ideas V with Curator Amanda McDonald Crowley.

Please email for tattoo appointments: tinyscissorstattoo@gmail.com

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At Tinyscissors Tattoo Parlor, I offer bespoke line drawing tattoos of non-violent imagery. I engage parlor visitors in conversations about gun violence in America, and the ways we can heal together moving forward, literally and figuratively, while they acquire a tattoo.

Tinyscissors Tattoo Parlor is an intimate setting in which to discuss and envision how we can shift culture towards compassion. Amy’s tattoos serve as a permanent reminder of the conversation in an operational tattoo pop-up shop where she is working with the body as the canvas for this participatory artwork.  

We will serve tea and commission local candy-makers to realize sweets using Amy’s tattoo designs. Like any good tattoo parlor, we will also offer merchandise and custom limited-edition prints of flash pages of tattoo designs.