Performance / Print Series, 2016
Performed with Erica Magrey at Abrons Arts Center in Winter 2016, and commissioned for CAROUSEL, a curatorial collective formed by Gabriela Salazar and Mary Choueiter that utilizes analog slide projectors as a creative platform . 

STATUESQUE is a collaborative performance developed with artist Erica Magrey on the basis of time/space/form/ephemerality and within the formal constraints of the slide projector. The performance is an accumulation of layers deposited over time, each sculpting existing content by additive and subtractive measures. It begins with the performance for the still camera, its captured phrases creating choreographic notation for the live performance. Layering time, the performers create expanded “in-between” states, juxtaposing their bodies with the concretized poses on the slides while leaving room for live choreographic exploration. Collaged elements mark phases of the artists’ investigation, serving as monuments of sculptural performativity.  The collages designed to illustrate motifs of the performance are available as limited edition prints. 

STATUESQUE (full length) was screened in 2016 at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive as part of an exhibition curated by AUNTS.